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DCV Set to Restore ‘Lost Hedge’

Having diligently been undertaking hands on nature conservation work across Dorset now for half a century, the Dorset Countryside Volunteers (DCV) will be marking their 50th anniversary by restoring one of Kingcombe Meadows nature reserve’s hedgerows…


The Farm that Time Forgot


Often enigmatically referred to as ‘the farm that time forgot’, Kingcombe Meadows at Toller Porcorum is a historic piece of west Dorset landscape, well loved of course by the DCV, who have been carrying out much of their conservation work here, for many years. 


Having recently been granted National Nature Reserve status; the area remains almost entirely untouched by artificial fertilisers and pesticides. The perfect place for the DCV to mark their celebration...


Leaving a Lasting Legacy: A Return to the Past…


Speaking about plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary by creating something special in this historic piece of west Dorset landscape, a spokesperson for DCV commented: 


“One of its most striking features is a network of thick historic hedges; however it has been discovered, from examining an old map of the area, that there were once even more hedges here, with some six hedges having disappeared, possibly being ‘grubbed out’ in the past.  


Not only is a close-knit network of hedges an important historic landscape feature in this area but hedges are invaluable to wildlife as safe havens and corridors between ecosystems.”


The spokesperson added: “It is hoped that as it grows, the restored hedge will not just stand as a lasting legacy of DCV but that it will benefit wildlife long into the future and enhance visitors’ enjoyment of the beautiful Kingcombe Meadows nature reserve.” 


Could you Volunteer? 


Planting is already set for this coming weekend, but volunteers are always needed. It’s up to you how much time you give - and you will be provided with training, tools and refreshments. 


Details of upcoming projects are available on the DCV website.


Hambledons: Here to help


Hedges are invaluable to wildlife and provide us all with multiple benefits! All our hedge planting comes with a one-year guarantee. Get in touch here

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