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Quality Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Hambledons

Hambledons are proud to offer a wide range of quality fencing solutions in Dorset. So, whether you are looking for domestic garden fencing, fence repairs, gates - or security and commercial fencing; we firmly believe that you should make us your first choice…


Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Domestic garden fencing


Hambledons can provide you with an extensive range of garden fencing in popular styles including panel fencing, picket fencing and custom-built featheredge fencing. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that we will always use the highest quality materials, sourced by us, from trusted suppliers. 


Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Environmentally Friendly Fencing


Our environmentally friendly fencing is comprised of a composite, water resistant material that is reassuringly durable. With the additional benefit of being made up of almost entirely recycled material, it blends in beautifully with your surroundings. With a range of different colours to suit your taste, it’s no wonder that this type of fencing is becoming an increasingly popular choice. 


·       Sustainable 

·       Durable 

·       Manufactured using renewable energy

·       Stands the test of time


Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Agricultural & Equestrian


If you are in need of fencing solutions for agricultural and equestrian purposes, then you’ll be pleased to know that we can confidently meet your requirements. We offer:


·       Post and rail

·       Round post and rail (or half round rails)

·       A variety of wire stock fencing, which we can incorporate with post and rail fencing


Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Fence repairs


We are doing a lot of these at the moment! Storm damage has been responsible for the majority of enquires! But there are numerous reasons you might need your fence repaired. Whatever your situation, Hambledons have the best tools and experience to repair your damaged fence quickly and efficiently. Simply send us a picture - or contact us if you would like one of our friendly team members to visit you in person to offer advice and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.


Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Gates


Did you know that we also offer expert gate installation? We tend to find that a lot of the fencing work we undertake incorporates a gate of some kind. Wood… metal… vehicular… security… we’ve fitted them all! Just let us know what your needs are, and we can advise you on the very best solution. 


Fencing Solutions in Dorset: Commercial & Security


Here at Hambledons we understand that the need for security and commercial fencing are paramount. Catering for both large-scale and small-scale sites; we can provide you with the highest quality:


·       Chain link fencing

·       Metal railing fencing

·       Metal palisade fencing

·       Mesh fencing


Hambledons: Here to help

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