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Local Mental Health Charities Given Massive Funding Boost Injection

Community mental health in the Dorset region was given a major uplift last month with the announcement that the Dorset Community Foundation has awarded nearly three quarters of a million pounds of funding to 22 groups across the county. 

Running in collaboration with NHS Dorset and Community Action Network, the Dorset Community Foundation's significant cash injection is designed to alleviate pressure on the NHS, as well as complement existing mental health schemes. 

Beneficiaries of the funding include Bournemouth-based Options WellBeing Trust, awarded £59,000 over two years to launch a peer support network for people with eating disorders. Wendy Lee, the Trust's head of health and well-being, called the award of the grant "Fantastic...We wouldn't have been able to launch this network without it." 

Another recipient, receiving £60,000 over two years, is Access Dorset, which runs activity sessions for disabled people in Bournemouth. "It's a huge boost not only in cash terms but also in terms of the recognition of the good work we're doing here," said Chief Executive Jonathan Waddington-Jones. "The grant is going to be transformational in what we can provide for the disabled people that we support." 

Across Dorset run activity programmes for disabled people

Another disability charity, Wild and Free (see below), which runs activities for carers of disabled children, was also boosted by receiving funding. 

A staggering £14 million in grants has been awarded since 2000 by the Dorset Community Foundation. Current Chief Executive Grant Robson said that he was "delighted we have been able to deliver a programme that meets NHS Dorset's objectives". A second application for grants of up to £10,000 will take place over the summer. 

Hambledons: Here to help

We hope you enjoy reading local news stories like these. We are thrilled to hear that mental health is being supported in this way.

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