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Hedge Cutting Services in Blandford Forum

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Looking for hedge cutting services in Blandford Forum? Based in Shillingstone North Dorset, our friendly, knowledgeable, and local team at Hambledons also cover the entire of Dorset, parts of Somerset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire. So, whether you are looking for hedge cutting/trimming, hedge maintenance - or commercial hedge cutting; you can rest assured that Hambledons have all the necessary experience and equipment required to expertly cut, trim, or reduce hedges of any size, on any site.

Hedge cutting services in Blandford Forum: Why choose Hambledons?

From trimming small box hedges, to cutting back large commercial conifer borders; our expert hedge cutting services in Blandford Forum, Dorset and the surrounding areas are carried out to the highest of standards. Seasonal trims? Large hedge reductions? Our expert staff are here to help you confidently take control of your hedges.

Client focused, trusted and local

Not only are we truly passionate and knowledgeable about the areas we operate in, Hambledons are both proud and grateful to have built up a multitude of long-standing relationships across Dorset, and, as such, are highly trusted/rated. Our customers frequently cite us as being:

· Respectful

· Professional

· Knowledgeable

· Polite

· Efficient

· Tidy

Peace of mind: Hedges are hard work!

You are probably aware, if you are reading this, that cutting/trimming your own hedge can be a long, tiring, and tricky process (not to mention a dangerous one if performed incorrectly.) Even if you do have the correct equipment, are experienced/aware of bird nesting season etc; it probably isn’t your favourite job!

Most of our domestic clients tend to be avid gardeners who are very clued up but have found themselves increasingly keen to hand over the heavy-duty tasks to a company they can trust, whilst they enjoy the lighter work.

If you are not experienced and are without the right equipment, the DIY approach could land you in all sorts of trouble. Your hedge will most likely look worse than when you started.

Please note that our rates are highly competitive, quoted beforehand at no additional cost and agreed upon before work commences.

Effective hedge maintenance

Our hedge cutting services in Blandford Forum and the surrounding areas include hedge maintenance. With the understanding that every hedge is unique; this popular service ensures that your hedges are looking at their very best the entire year-round.

Perhaps you have an overgrown hedge? Or older hedges that simply need some attention? Let us rejuvenate them to promote healthy, new and vigorous growth.

Hambledons: Here to help

If you are looking for hedge cutting services in Blandford Forum, it might be of interest to you, or someone you know, that we also cover the whole of Dorset and surrounding areas. Get in touch here for your free, no obligation quote and let’s see if we can add you to our long list of happy customers. You can take a look at our other services here.

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